Imool 800W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants



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  • Full Spectrum with Dimmer: Full spectrum 380-800nm with all light included, red peak at 627nm and blue peak at 455nm, includes UV & IR. Just switch 0-100% dimmer to meet your plants different needs from seedling through growing flowering and final fruiting, save trouble of frequently adjusting heights.
  • Increase Yield: Perfect Sunlight Effects, the combination of 7 leds in 1 cup x24 cups makes lighting effect more uniform(without light spots). 90 degree 3-layer reflector cup bring more concentrated lights, PAR value increased by 50%.
  • Daisy Chain: The power cord can used for power and daisy chain. Conveniently simplify operation and management, link more led grow lights while using one wall outlet only.
  • Higher Par & Lower Consumption: Only Consumes 130W, equilvent to 800W HPS/MH, 610umol at 18". Core coverage is 3.5 x 3.5ft in growth stage, 3x3ft in flower stage, and Max coverage is 3.8*3.8ft.

Specific Product Information:

True wattage: 130 watts
LED wattage: 800 watts
HID equivalent: 800 watts
Spectrum: Full
Coverage area:
Vegetative footprint: 3.5 x 3.5ft
Flowering footprint: 3 x 3ft
Daisy chain:Yes
Dimensions: 22 x 12 x 0.7 inches
Product weight: 3.35 pounds
Voltage: 100v-220v

Timer settig choice:

Seedlings stage,12-14 hours
Flowering stage, 9-12 hours on

Final Fruiting stage,7- 8 hours on

Instruction of Light Level Adjusting:

Hang light at 24" :
Germination -dimmer at 20%-35%
Seedlings- dimmer at 25%-45%
Growing -dimmer at 35%-60%
Flowering -dimmer at 50%-75%
Fruiting -dimmer at 75%-100%

For reference only, always watch your plants. If leaves are pointing hard towards light, they love it! Give them more! If they shy away and look limp or unhappy and yet ALL your other environmental variables are correct, back off with the light! They'll let you know very quickly how they feel.

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