Imool 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants



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  • Full Spectrum Pink Light: Real sunlike full spectrum contains all wavelengths of light from 380nm to 800nm, delivers more highly-uniform light needed by plants than those single red and blue spectrum led grow light. On this basis, adjust and increase the power of red and blue light that have the greatest effect on plant growth.
  • Higher Par & Lower Consumption: Compare with the traditional indoor plant light, our grow light designed with the 90° reflector cup can focus light without light filter and decrease the loss of light, the par value is 565 μmol/m2·s at 12 in. Replaced traditional 300W HPS/MH while consuming only 68 W, 80% energy saving.
  • Auto ON/OF: Built-in timer, we can easy to set the lighting time 4/8/12hours. Especially, the grow light will automatically turn on at the same time and do its job every day. Just keep the electricity, don?¨Et have to worry about your plant when going on holiday. Plus: Re-power on after power off, lamp will automatically change to 4 hour timing.
  • Bigger is Better: Unique panel design, doubled area of illumination than other 300W plant lamps, great for 3ft X 3ft growing area at 18 inches height.
  • No Fan & No Noise & No Fire: Compared with other 300W indoor plant grow light with noisy fan, we adopt aluminum heat back panel, plus a small heatsink for each chip to achieve excellent heat dissipation. You can even hear the sound of flies flying and you can hear any noise while it is working.
  • Safety & Certification: Our grow lights adopt the technology of overcurrent, overheating, overvoltage protection, have been certified by FCC, CE, ROHS and PSE.

Specific Product Information:

Model/SKU: B07GH34XVX
True wattage: 68 watts
LED wattage: 300 watts
HID equivalent: 300 watts
Spectrum: Full
Dimensions: 22 x 12 x 0.7 inches
Product weight: 3.35 pounds
Voltage: AC 110V-240V
Certifications: FCC, CE, ROHS and PSE

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